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Sep 01, 2021
Hayley Hilton Social Media

I’m pretty sure we can all relate to feeling stuck with what to post to our social media. 🙋‍♀️ We all go through times when we’re feeling super inspired, and then we go through times when we’re just not feeling it at ALL. 

So today I want to share with you 10 ideas for content that you can note down and come back to on those days where you find yourself staring at that blank caption with a blinking cursor staring back at you with no idea what to write.😆

Ok, let’s go.

Idea 1: why did you start your business?

Was there something about your industry that you wanted to change?

Is there a personal experience that inspired you to go your own way? Maybe it was to escape the 9-5. 

Share your origin story. It doesn't need to be the whole story in ONE post, but you can always break it up into multiple posts. Each one focusing in one part of your story. 

And of course, we never post something for the sake of posting. 

There is always a Purpose.

The purpose behind this type of content is…

You’re building relatability and deepening the connection you have with your audience.


Idea 2: what's a big myth in your industry?

Is there a false myth that you could dispel for your audience? This myth might be holding them back from making a decision to buy from you, so help put their minds at ease with the truth. 

The purpose: Putting out this type of myth-busting content helps position you as an authority and can help grow your influence within your field of expertise.


Idea 3: what are you working on right now? 

Is there a new product in the works, or maybe an upgrade to an existing one? Take your audience behind the scenes to find out more. 

The purpose: Think of it as your little teaser to get them excited about what's to come. So that when it comes time to launch you have a group of ready and waiting customers.


Idea 4: what's a common question you get asked?

Dig into your comment section and collect some of the most frequently asked questions. Create a post to answer each one.

Why: you’re building your know-like and trust factor 


Idea 5: what have you read recently?

Is there something you read that might be useful to your audience? It might have been a tweet, blog, or a book. Share it.

Why: sharing valuable and relatable content with your audience will give them a reason to follow you and keep coming back for me.


Idea 6: what's your take on a trend?

Share an opinion about a current trend in your industry. Do you love it, or hate it. And why you feel that way.

The purpose: to position you as the authority on your subject.


Idea 7: tell a happy customer's story?

A customer's story is different to a testimonial. A testimonial is usually a positive review of you or your product/service. Whereas a story tells, what do you know...a story, with a beginning, middle and end. 

It starts by describing where your customer was before they discovered your business. What was their problem? How did this make them feel? What was their goal? What obstacles or roadblocks did they have to overcome?

TA-DA! Enter your product or service that helped them solve that problem.

Describe their happy ending. How do they feel now? 

(remember you're not selling product features, you ARE selling the benefits and how it makes your customer feel.)

And Why do we do all of this: because Social Proof. If other people say its good, new potential customers will be more likely trust and try it out for themselves.


Idea 8: inspire new ideas

Are there more benefits to your product or service that your customer doesn't know about yet?

For example, one of my client's own an e-commerce store, and the packaging they use is not only bio-degradable but customers can also plant it in soil and it will grow into a plant! 

Or maybe you sell an item of furniture or fashion that can be used in more ways than one. Show ALL the benefits. 

The purpose: focusing on the benefits, all the ways it can make your customer’s life better will help increase consideration when someone is deciding to buy from you.


Idea 9: join a pop culture moment

Is there a new TV show that everyone is talking about? Or a MEME/GIF that has gone viral. Ask yourself how you could join in on the conversation? Is there a way to creatively connect it to your brand or industry?

Not all moments will make sense for you to join. If it's not relevant or doesn't feel right - rather hold out for something that does feel right. 

Why: it builds connection by making your brand appear more relatable. 


Idea 10: create a data story

We all collect some form of data these days, and hidden in that data is a story. We just have to take a look at how Spotify crunches user data in fun ways for its campaigns.

Go to google now, type in “spotify data campaign” click on images - your welcome. 

Examples like:

Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs not their “I love Gingers” playlist.


To the 1,235 guys who loved the “Girls Night” playlist this year. We love you.

It might a fun fact about your industry or something you noticed about your customer's buying habits. 


Alright friends, that is your Social in 5. On our mission to make social media work for you, and not the other way around.

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