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Hey, I'm Hayley

I’m an ex-Advertising Director turned Solopreneur, coffee addict and small business therapist.

Think of me as your Social Media Director on-demand. No more wasted hours trying to figure it ALL out on your own.

In my online course, I’ll teach you how-to build ONE solid, profit-driven strategy that works for you, and not the other way around.

No overwhelm. No tech nightmares. No jargonny language.

Just straight up real talk, real results.

I’ve spent my career working in social media, and I’ve seen it from all angles, from corporate to big agency to today, just me!

As a Solopreneur wearing all of the hats and trying to juggle everything, I get it. You need simple strategies and tools that work, so you see growth without spending half the day on your phone.

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Social in 5 is your guide to social media marketing made simple. This course will take you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling focused, empowered and excited by social media.

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I'll become an extension of your hopes, dreams and goals to design a strategy that works for you. Because your busy building the business of your dreams.

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"Doing the Social in 5 Course has been invaluable for my business. It was super practical and easy to transfer the lessons to my brand. It was also really fun and something I looked forward to doing each day. So thank you Hayley! "

Suzanne Smedley
Founder, Suzanne Elisabeth Jewellery

"Magic! I'm finding this a heck of a lot easier and clearer to go through than other online courses. Examples given for your perfect customer are brilliant, I immediately see them, know them and most importantly respect them deeply."

Agata Karolina
Founder, House of Gozdawa

"Hayley ran a social media workshop with our team last year that left us all inspired! Her calm approach to perpetual change in the social media space allowed us to relax, engage and focus on our targets – equipping us with a huge sense of clarity and confidence regarding our social media strategy. Hayley has a wealth of experience in this arena which makes her an incredibly valuable resource and one that we draw on as often as we can. "

Candice, Content Manager
University of Cape Town

"Thank you so much for helping me bring the most out of me. You were really helpful with your amazing tips and planning my way out. I can’t wait to start turning my passion and dream into reality. Your guidance was really helpful and you made me feel really good about myself.I can’t wait to share with you the results. "

Maitha, Founder

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