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7 Simple Tools I Use to Run My Business

May 16, 2020

This is painful.


I did the numbers and in the first two years of working for myself, I wasted $2,131 on tech and tools that just didn’t work for me as a Solopreneur.


*criiinge* I could have bought a plane ticket with that, sippin’ rose on a beach somewhere instead of spending my time in a rabbit hole of Youtube Tutorials & Customer Support


But after a lot of testing, I found simple tools that have actually helped me work smarter...not harder.


So to save you from the same painful tech run around, I’m sharing a list of the sanity-saving tools I use to keep me running smoothly.


The 7 Simple, Sanity-saving Tools I Use To Run My Business


1. Kajabi

Kajabi has been a game-changer, and honestly without it in my life, I would still be struggling to duct-tape a bunch of different tech together.

It has given me a one-stop-shop for my website (which people always ask about), my online course, landing...

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