How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

Mar 12, 2020

Seth Godin publishes a blog every, single day.

He also spends 16 hours reading and researching a day.

Agh, wouldn’t that be amazing?  😍

So how often should you post?

This one of the most common questions I get asked. 

The answer is, everyone's situation is different.

So I created this 4-Step formula to help you figure out how often you should post on social media.

It goes like this:




VALUE: each time you post you are asking someone to give you attention - make sure its worth their time. And by value it might be: make them smile, feel calm, feel good, feel smarter, feel special, feel in-the-know…


CAPACITY: you are going to hear me repeat this word A LOT, because there’s no point in setting yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic expectations. So, how much of this type of valuable content can you create? 


CONSISTENCY: choose your days to post and post consistently on those days. If you put out a new podcast every Thursday, keep that promise.


CHANNEL:  your customer’s expectation for content on each channel varies. It’s totally fine to post long-form content once a month on Youtube, or put out a tweet 20 times a day on Twitter but try either of those on IG and you will most likely lost followers. So put yourself your customer’s shoes and plan according to the channels your focused on.


Here are some guidelines for each channel, these are just to give you an idea, these are not a MUST, just a GUIDE to help you find your IDEAL POSTING SCHEDULE.



At least once is a day is balling.

Or 3 times per week is very good.



Facebook Pages are all about Pay-to-Play, rather post less and put some money behind your post. Twice a week is good.

A Facebook Group, where there is no algorithm cramping your style, it could be daily.



At least once a week if you’re really trying to grow on this channel.



For long-form article, once a week or once a month.

For a short post, 3 times per week would be very good, or if this is your primary channel then you could increase this based on your capacity.


If you can manage to post valuable content 3 times per week, amazing, do that.

Just do that consistently.

That’s how many times you should be posting.


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