5 Tips to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Mar 22, 2020

Here's the thing about social media marketing, it's not supposed to be so difficult. 

If it is, you're probably overcomplicating it. 

And I don't blame you.

Most "experts" will tell you to throw more tech, more money, more content or more tricks & hacks at the problem.

But, that's only going to add more anxiety. And leave you wondering what the point of being on social media even is.

To escape this frustrating cycle, here are 5 tips to SIMPLIFY your social media marketing.

Once you get these right, you will find everything else just flows nicely. 


1. Know what you want.

Why are you on social media in the first place, what is your primary goal?

Maybe you want to increase your online sales, or maybe the reason your on social is to draw people into your email list.

Whatever your reason is, start with your end goal in mind and work backwards so that you know what you need to be doing today, to get closer to it.


2. Know who it's for.

If you create content for everyone, you will resonate with no one. Your content will become unclear, diluted and irrelevant. You need to identify who your ideal customer is, to understand what they need and want from you.


3. Clarify your message.

If you confuse, you lose. With a clear message your content will do the selling for you.

Your message should fit within the length of an Instagram bio and it should include:

<What you do> <Benefit/What they get><Your Difference> <CTA>


4. Don't try to be everywhere and do everything. 

There are so literally hundreds of channels and things you can do on social. But, if you get distracted trying to do it all you will most likely end up with crippling overwhelm, and end up doing nothing. 

So choose one or two channels to focus your time, energy and money on. Make those the best representation of your brand possible.


5. Batch your content.

If you have to think about what to post everyday, you might find that on some days you just don't feel like it, or you get too busy and have no time to even think about it.

So when you are feeling it. Find a quiet spot, pour yourself a good coffee and just write down everything that comes to mind. Don't worry about that it's not perfect, the goal here is just to get as much down on paper as possible. Then with fresh eyes, look at how you can turn some things into a blog post, a tweet or an Instagram Story. 


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