Social media doesn't have to be so hard.

Social in 5 is an online course designed to take you from the social media overwhelm to feeling focused, free and fulfilled knowing that everything you do has purpose and direction, and you are making an impact.

Learn how-to build a social media strategy that works for you and not the other way around. 

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It's not about being perfect, or spending hours on social everyday. It's about simple strategies and simples tools that work.

Oh, the things we'll do together...

I’ve spent my career working in social media. From corporate, to ad agency to solopreneur, I’ve seen it from all angles. Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything, and I’ve learnt a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

I've worked hard to refine this down into the most important fundamentals you need to know. This course is NOT about chasing every tip, trick and hack out there, because those can change over night. 

This course is about getting your foundation right - so that even if Instagram shut down tomorrow you would have the know-how to adapt and keep growing.

It’s about finding your voice, showing up for your people and doing marketing your proud of. There’s no cheesy, sales hype here. 

Just real talk, real connections and real results.

Let's Get Started

And the best part? You can join this cosy online classroom in your sweatpants. Just bring your coffee & notebook.

Here's what you'll get inside Social in 5


Lesson 1 | Set Your Goal 

Lesson 2 | Define Your Ideal Customer

Lesson 3 | Understand The Problem You're Solving

Lesson 4 | Clarify Your Message

Lesson 5 | Set Your Content Themes

Lesson 6 | Create Your Style Guide

Lesson 7 | Choose Your Channels



  • Strategic Competitor Research
  • The Small Business Guide To Content Planning
  • Content Creation Resources 
  • How-To Write Copy That Sells
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Once you enroll, I will walk you through the 7-steps to your Social Media Marketing Strategy. You'll get daily lessons and actions to keep you on track for success

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As you start putting your learnings to use, pop into the private community to get feedback, ask questions or get the motivation you need to stay on track and reach your goals.

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You're showing up for audience and building an authentic following that in turn is helping you build a sustainable business and create the impact you were looking to achieve. 

"Magic! I'm finding this a heck of a lot easier and clearer to go through than other online courses. Examples given for your perfect customer are brilliant, I immediately see them, know them and most importantly respect them deeply. Thank you H!"

Agata Karolina
Founder, House of Gozdawa

"It is truly getting better with every lesson! Fun, not overwhelming, just the right amount of time for the videos, for the kind of brainstorm one needs to do and for the homework. Thank you."

Katerina Hubova
Marketing Manager, Freestyle Divers

"Thanks for taking such a simple and pragmatic approach to the overwhelming world of social media. And for all the incredible insight. This has been so helpful and I'm feeling a lot more motivated to start building a presence online. "

Michelle Beale
Marketing, Small Change Innovation

If your approach isn't grounded in sound marketing strategy, you're missing out on real results beyond just likes and comments.

I'll see you on the inside


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