The path to take aligned action + reach new levels of growth.


Rise is an expansive mastermind for the creative, driven business owner who desires to scale her business and brand, while consciously creating the full life she knows she is here to experience.

This is for the woman who is tired of coasting through another year, hoping things will be different. She's ready to commit to a vision that sets her soul on fire.

This mastermind is for 11 women only.

Get ready to show up, be held accountable and fast-track your growth. Inside you will get all the tools and support you need from strategy, mindset and energy coaching to succeed.

Each member can expect:

  • Weekly Mastermind Calls: each call happens over Zoom for 90mins. Replays are provided.
  • Instant access to my ALIGN program: important trainings on 
  • Private Group Whatsapp:

Upgrade option: you can choose the upgrade option to unlock private coaching sessions for a more tailored experience.