$88.00 USD

Stories that Sell

Get the exact IG Stories Strategy to having more fun and making more SALES with your offers.

I used to get so stressed out about selling my offers...

But now? Launching is one of my favourite things to do in my business.

What made the difference?

  • Clarity: I know exactly what my mission is, and what I need to sell

  • Confidence: I have a proven strategy that works,

  • Energetics: I understand the role it has in selling.

I want to show you inside this program how you can create whatever you want - whenever you want and make bank.

My mission is to help woman create freedom-based businesses they love to be in...

woman who like me who don’t wanna feel restricted and unfulfilled, who want to do it in a way that feels so good to them.

So how will this work?

We kick off 7th November 🥂

For a 5 day training.

Let's go!