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My Story


I quit my 9-5.

LOLJK, I worked in advertising so it was more like 9am - midnight.

It was my dream job.

As Head of Social in a big ad agency, I got to help some of the world’s most loved brands connect with their audiences online.

It was thrilling, but it was also exhausting. Walking into the office every morning was like preparing to get on the fastest rollercoaster ride in the park.

Days were fueled by Starbucks, the Venti kind, and nights - by laptop dinners. Managing meeting requests felt like a never-ending game of Tetris. 

I was constantly missing friends birthdays, family weddings and sunsets.

This candle was burning at both ends.  

And I started to feel like I didn't fit into this corporate world anymore.

So low on sleep and armed with coffee - I left behind high-powered boardrooms in exchange for cafes and co-working spaces.

Starting up on my own was hard. I had no idea what i was doing.

All I did know was that I wasn’t afraid of hard work and that I would always find a way to figure it out.

What I didn't have was time.

Working for yourself means you have to do ALL of the things.

Something had to give.

And I found myself so deep in my client’s work - that I had zero time or energy to focus on my own social media.

Knowing how important social media is to building a brand - this wasn’t good.

And I wasn’t alone.

Every solopreneur and small business owner I met was struggling with managing their own social media without it taking over their life.

They couldn't outsource it. Cash was tight. Plus, when your brand feels like your baby it can be hard to hand it over to someone else.

 So I set out on a mission, driven by one question:

How can I make social media marketing as simple, useful and effective as possible for small business owners?

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