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In this online session you'll get

Clarity on how social media works

The important stuff you need to know. 

Tools to evaluate content online

From the flood of fake news & misinformation to rage-bait.

 Create a healthy relationship with social media.

Take control.

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"As long as social media companies profit from outrage, confusion, addiction, and depression, our well-being will continue to be at risk."

Center for Humane Technology

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When will it happen?


Saturday, 14 November, 2020


2pm - 3:30pm GMT



You'll receive an email with a zoom meeting link. 

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My story

I've spent my career working in social, and today I run my own social media consultancy, helping small businesses connect with their audiences online.

It's incredible to see the power of these platforms, they can be so valuable to our everyday lives - connecting us to family and friends, building communities, creating awareness for causes we believe in and giving us a voice.

The problem? These same platforms can also be divisive, manipulative and have very real, and devastating effects on people and society. 

My dad joined Facebook at 73 years old, and after only a few weeks I noticed he was getting drawn in by fake news and extreme groups. 

He said: "I used to be able to tell if someone was lying by looking them in the eye. But on here I have no idea."

After speaking to friends about it, I realised many of them were worried about friends or a family member's behaviour on social media. Whether it was whipping out their credit card at every ad, or falling down conspiracy theory rabbit holes.

So I decided to create a safe space  where they can learn how to navigate this space, get steps to evaluate content, ask questions and take control of their experience.

Grab a friend or family member and join in.

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