What should my business post on social media?

Feb 21, 2020
Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank caption with no idea what to write?
You are not alone. We all feel that way sometimes.
The good news is that when you make this one small, but powerful shift it changes everything.
Not only will you find a constant source of inspiration for your content, but you will also see a dramatic increase in your engagement and conversion.
Here’s the thing, you've been in the zone, working hard to create the content, product or service that you are putting out into the world. You’ve spent so much time thinking about your passion, your goals, your values, your achievements and what you have to say, that you have might forgotten - it’s not about you. 
It's about them. 
When shift your focus away from you and on to your customer you will find everything flows so much easier.
Instead of asking yourself "What should I post today?"
Put yourself in the shoes of your customer.
What are they struggling with at the moment? 
What are their biggest pain points?
What questions do they have?
What are they dreaming about?
What are their goals, hopes, and dreams?
How can you help them?
Write down all the ideas that come to mind. 
And as the wise poet, Missy Elliot, once said
“flip it and reverse it”

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