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You started your business to do what you love, and not to spend all day on your phone...wondering what to post, and trying to write something that at least feels like you.


You try to write something - hit backspace - try again - tweak endlessly, and end up accidentally scrolling through Instagram.


45 minutes go by, until you decide to try again tomorrow when you're feeling #inspired, but we both know what that means = never happens.


You look into your feed and wonder "how the heck is everyone else doing it?" 

What if it was EASY and FUN?

What if showing up on social felt more REAL and less highlights reel?


What if it wasn’t about the popularity contest, but about the positive impact you're creating, the human-to-human connections and the profitable business your building?


What if everything you posted had purpose and meaning?


It’s time to ditch the Insta-routine that isn't working for you, and take a BIG ol' social media breath, 'cause there is a better way.


And it doesn't involve  learning a whole new bunch of social media rules…'cause let's be honest, you already know how it works.


This is about uncovering the influence you already have right where you are.


So say goodbye to those generic captions, quotes and templates that aren't getting you any where.


This is about about crafting messaging that cuts through the social media noise and reaches everyone who needs to hear it.

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